::Inspire:: Darlin Co

There is an inevitable desire for happiness that is embedded in our souls as we are brought into this world. The result of the separation that occurred between us and the source of happiness the moment we became sinners. As we search for that connection to be built again we lose focus. Faced by deceptions, hurt and wounds deep enough to cloud our sight. We no longer travel with a final destination to our Father, instead taking a detour to every place where we think we might find an answer, love, worth, something‚Ķ

We have been greatly influenced by countries that are overflowing with music, art, colors and a city that has made us love every culture for what they have to offer. Through Darlin Co we want to bring to light how the things you love can and are meant to give God back what He has given us. We also have been burdened by the need there is in every heart to allow Jesus to restore with His love, heal with His blood and speak worth through His word. Our passion is to share the love that has consummated us and live this sublime life knowing that He has called us Darlin.