Founder & Photographer  -   "You don't take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel

Founder & Photographer  -   "You don't take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel

Anchored & Co.

Hi there! Anchored & Co. is a Miami based photography and design company. We are passionate about creative arts. Our desire goes beyond just simply taking snapshots but absorbing each moment to develop a full experience. One of the greatest traditions mankind is blessed to have are stories. Stories can be filled with everything that makes life special to you; love, hope, friendship, joy and so goes the list. Our vision is not merely to capture images, but to create memories telling your story. We believe when you look back at life, these images will recreate the chapters of life where memories fail. We want to capture our clients as they really are, wrapped in their natural light. It is our pleasure to serve our clients with every need from photographs to printed materials to an online presence. 


The loving embraces, laughing faces, glowing sun, the tears running down... these are the moments that cannot be repeated and the ones we look to capture. We understand how important holding on to those special moments is and how photography can turn them into lasting memories. 

Our main focus is on portrait work including engagements, family, maternity or if you just want to have beautiful pictures of yourself to remember a special time in your lives. We also cover weddings and special events.

We offer services for businesses as well to put your name out there for your customers and have product images. Ask us about our business package solutions.